Oh Japan, what don't you do?

Out of all the wonderfully toxic things us Americans eat on a daily basis, there is one fish from Japan that has really gotten me intrigued.  The Fugu fish (Japanese for "River Pig") carries in its little body something called Tetrodotoxin, which will kill you dead.

Because of its lethality, the Fugu is strictly controlled by Japanese law, and only prepared by licensed chefs.  Even so, this little river pig leads to more than 300 deaths per year.  Supposedly it's the wonderful flavour that draws consumers, not the death-defying thrill.

If you ever eat a poorly prepared Fugu, your lips will go numb, your body lock up, your nervous system will shut down, and you'll be dead in 4-24 hours.  For safety, it is the only food officially forbidden to the Emperor of Japan.  And honestly, I really want to try some.

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