One of the less-commonly followed branches of the Abrahamic religions is the oh-so-famous Satanism.  Of the actual faith, there are many different branches and ideologies, sometimes involving the Judeo-Christian "Satan", other times completely independent of the notion.

Regardless, to many Americans, the term invokes in thought the idea of a group of cliché comic book-esque villains worshipping the forces of evil.  While in reality this is not always the case, the image remains engrained.  Because of this, it seems that many police officers have come to believe that certain types of homicides must correlate with being the cliché evil-worshipping villain.  And in an attempt to teach their fellow officers of these dastardly methods through VHS, we end up with hilarious videos like this one:

This is in no way to trivialize anyone's religious beliefs and certainly not the act of homicide, but only to point out that people can be remarkably silly at times.

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