So ladies, you're sitting in a bar or restaurant, and a middle-aged woman walks up to you.  She explains she's a physician, and would like to inspect your breasts.  She feels 'em up, leaves you a business card, and walks out the door.

Odd?  Truth.

Kristina Ross, age 37, pulled this off successfully.  She is not a real doctor, or a real woman for that matter.  In Boise, Idaho, this male-to-female transgender went bar-hopping pretending to be a Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna (awesome no?), and tricked girls with her "vocabulary and apparent medical knowledge".  Seriously, you can read the police report yourself here.

The number on the business card was that of a REAL plastic surgeon, who was confused why so many people were calling for a Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna.  The police were contacted, and Ross was arrested for practising medicine without a licence.

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